FAQI already have a KAZ Passport.  Do I need to register?
Yes.  Registration makes you eligible to:

  • Earn awards
  • Win prizes
  • Track your progress on-line
  • Receive KAZ Email alerts so you can receive reminders and advanced notice of special events and outdoor opportunities.
  • Participate in a program evaluation survey in October that will help KAZ to keep the program funded and improving.

What if I want more information about a Passport Stop?
Each stop’s contact information is on the Passport and in the Passport Stop Page titled Trails, Parks, & Events.

If I don’t have internet access, can I still register and participate?
Yes!  You may register and log your answers by using the computers at your local library.

Can I bring my pet to a park, trail or event?
Each stop may have its own pet policy so check each stop for information.

I logged out of the Keystone Active Zone Passport and can’t log back in?
Close all open browser windows, return to, http://www.kazpassport.org and log back